Photo by Trevor Cole

What makes our documentaries unusual? We personally travel to the ends of the earth  seeking the rare untold story.

We had the first American film crew allowed in Myanmar (Burma) since 1948.

We traveled by elephant, oxcart, long boats, flotilla ships and over-land through this most exotic country on earth.

We were surprised when we met the Bodi-Mursi in southern Ethiopia. we were the first people from the outside world to make contact with them…..ever.

We explored this large rugged country by traveling in a giant MI-17 helicopter for a month, from Abyssinia in the north,  to the walled city of Harrar in the east to the Omo River in the south, and everywhere in between.

We also made a documentary about the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company.  The largest inland transport fleet the world has ever known.  An amazing story you will long remember.