We take pride in creating technically superior productions. We totally believe in the "garbage-in, garbage-out" theory, and demand excellence from our equipment and ourselves, right from the beginning of your production through to the end.


We've got the guru of sound. 35 years of tweeking, monitoring, equalizing, inventing, testing, sweetening, balancing, and listening to audio...we've got it down!


Painting with light. The perfect lighting on the chroma key set. Gobos. Gels. Scrims. Emotional lighting. Lighting as a science. Lighting is art. We are lighting perfectionists.


The best equipment that is tweeked to get the most out of it. Our technical expert actually takes new stuff apart and makes it work better than it was intended to. We are in awe.

On Location & in the Field

Compact, efficient, high-tech equiupment. Under water housings. Protection against dust in Africa. Exterior mounts on helicopters and Hobie Cats. Too many bumpy roads in the outback ...a reason for repairs in the field... no problem. Keep the equipment dry in Class 5 rapids. Be low key, don't intimidate the natives. That, and more.

On-Camera Interviewing We have the king of interviews. A veteran journalist and anchorman from the major networks. He's interviewed four U.S. Presidents, Henry Kissinger, Mohammed Ali, well, just about any famous person you can think of.

Your presence on the Web Video on your website, Social Media advertising, streaming, video on demand.........

The new apps We're making video for iPads, iPhones.... you name it, we can make it.