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Our projects take us to the remote corners of the world to film exotic cultures and stunning scenery few have seen. In Venezuela we had literally a hands-on experience with a 20 ft. anaconda... in Antarctica we slipped on icy penguin Patagonia we carried our equipment up and down the Andes through rain, ice & gale force Ethiopia we searched for the Lost Ark and found the kindest people in the world; and in Burma we found a country more beautiful and exotic than anywhere on earth.

We are currently offering DVDs of several documentaries we've produced for sale at a cost of $15.00 each. You can order and pay below with a credit card through PAYPAL.

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Myanmar, The Golden Land 55 min.

A tour through one of the most unspoiled and exotic places on earth. Thousands of golden temples, lush scenery, and the happiest people you will ever meet. This country is a gem waiting to be discovered. This award winning documentary will fill you with all the sights and sounds of the most charming country in Southeast Asia.

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"Burma's Forgotten Fleet"

The one hour documentary about the history of the Irrawaddy Flotilla in Burma. The largest inland transport fleet the world has ever known; and the unlikely partnership between Scotland and Burma.

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Re-live the golden days of the British on a beautifully restored original Irrawaddy Flotilla steamer. Take a relaxed cruise on the rivers of Burma or on the Mekong River from Ho Chi Min City to Angkor Wat. Go ashore at small villages, then enjoy elegant cuisine back on board...or a gin and tonic on the promenade deck. Find out more at

$8.00 for this 15 min. DVD

"Cruises on the Rivers of Burma & Beyond"

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Ethiopia, Africa's Lost Kingdom"

55 min.

A tour through Ethiopia from the northern highlands of Abysinnia to the southern isolated cultures along the Omo River. Discover where the Lost Ark really is! See the castles of Gondar, the ancient walled city of Harrar, the Semien Mountains (the highest in Africa), the glorious Christmas celebration at Lalibela, and the Timkat celebration in Addis Ababa, plus the ancient castle of the Queen of Sheba...but most of all meet an unbelievably ancient culture (the oldest Christian church on earth), and meet the Ethiopians...the kindest, most dignified, and beautiful people you will ever meet.