The National Television Academy of Arts & Sciences

Emmy Award 1990

for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development

The Telly Awards

1998: "Ethiopia, Africa's Lost Kingdom"

The New York Festivals

1998: "Ethiopia, Africa's Lost Kingdom"


1999: "Myamar, The Golden Land"

The Cine Awards

The Golden Eagle Award 1999

"Myanmar, The Golden Land'

The Aurora Awards

2000: "Myanmar, The Golden Land"

The Omni Awards

Intermedia Award 1999

"Myanmar, The Golden Land"

The Videographers Awards

Award of Distinction 1998:

"Ethiopa, Africa's Lost Kingdom

Award of Distinction 1999:

"Myanmar, The Golden Land"

Award of Excellence 2000:

"Acid Fast Direct Smear Microscopy"

Community College Public Relations Oragnization

College Video Promotional Video: Sierra College 1998